1. How do I integrate HappyWeWork in my daily/weekly working routine as a manager?

The HappyWeWork dashboard gives real time insight about the positivity of your team(s). Using the dashboard as a first item on the meeting – eg as part of your weekstart - you make positivity and team happiness a structural subject of your team agenda. With HappyScrums you as a team can optimize your teampositivity.

2. How is HappyWeScore (HWS) calculated?

The HWS shows in sum total how much the team members have contributed to the positivity of last week. It is calculated as sum of all the receivers that confirmed “this makes me happy” as reply on happy updates or messages sent by your team members, plus all sent happy updates and special messages (see also ‘score’ in the HappyWe-app). It provides an absolute figure of your team’s added positivity, which you can compare with the periods before.

3. How is HappyWeRatio (HWR) calculated?

The HWR shows your team’s positivity/negativity score. It is calculated as the total sum of happy moments (smiley number 4 and 5) divided by the total sum of unhappy moments (smiley number 1 and 2) of your team updates in the selected period. A regular score between 3:1 and 9:1 proves optimal for team performance.

4. Who do I contact in case of questions?

If you have any question about HappyWeWork please contact your HappyMaster or Business partner. If your HappyMaster can not answer the question and you do not have a Business partner, you can contact MultiplyHappiness through the website www.multiplyhappiness.nl or send an email to support@multiplyhappiness.nl.

5. I forgot my password!

Please contact your HappyMaster – he or she can reset your password.